Jam Three Pack

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Savory. Spicy. Sweet.

What else could you ask for? This 3 pack of jam features one of each of these flavor pillars, each one delicious and packed with flavor. The sweet Apple Maple jam is delicious and will have you wanting to eat the whole jar, with notes of maple and cinnamon this jam is reminiscent of a warm slice of apple pie. The spicy Fresno and Thai will elevate burgers, chicken and sandwhiches, just spoon some on and enjoy! The savory Roasted Garlic jam will add the delicious sweet and savory taste of roasted garlic to anything, and I mean anything, put it on and enjoy. Trust me.

Contents could potentially change from the pictures shown but every substitution will meet the same high taste standards and will be of equal or greater value.

3 10oz Jars

Product Vermont

OU Kosher