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Vermont Bloom Large Wheel - KFP -3-3.2lb

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Vermont Bloom™ is a Farmstead (single farm) Brie style cheese made in Vermont.  It is a tall, round mini-wheel and is similar to cheeses from the Northern French, Champagne region.  The rind is soft-ripened, bloomy, and edible with a nice salty bite.  The interior is decadent, buttery and and delicate.  The cheese has a slight mushroomy aroma and is made with Double crème, pasteurized cow's milk.  Vermont Bloom is available in 7oz mini wheels or 3lb wheels.

Note: The sell by date of this cheese is 4/25/23, this is not an expiration date, the cheese should be good for some time after this date.

Champagne or a medium red wine like Pinot Noir.

Serve with champagne, drizzled with citrus honey over it and paired with salted almonds.


Other Information

  • OU-D Kosher for Passover and all year
  • All natural, vegetarian, added hormone free, antibiotic free, gluten free
  • Product of USA