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Our Story

How did we come about?  Well, we love really good food!  So when we learned about great kosher cheese, we had to get our hands on some.  We had a personal connection since Todd (see below) happens to be the brother of Brent the Cheese Guy.  We ordered a few cases of cheese to eat and shared them with like-minded friends to help with the shipping costs.  It turned out that there were a lot more like-minded people out there.  So we went from sharing a few cases to ordering many, many cases, doing sales out of our homes, then expanding and doing sales in other cities and finally shipping across the country.  Now no matter where you live, you too can receive fine, all-natural, kosher cheese and other amazing artisanal foods right at your door.  We hope you love it as much as we do!





What We Do

  1. Well, we ship really great cheese, pairings, acessories and gifts across the United States.
  2. We do cheese tasting events in Ohio and neighboring states.
  3. We cater cheese events in Columbus


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