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Shipping & Returns

Returns Policy

As with any perishable product, occasionally there may be an issue.  Please email us at to inform us of the issue.  If you believe there is an issue with cheese, we appreciate pictures also.  Please do be aware that this is an artisanal product and Italian cheeses may have a blue/green food safe stamp on the rind.  Or the rind may be speckled with black or white which is normal for some cheeses.  If there is a real problem with your product, naturally we want to make it right.  We will usually ship out a replacement or issue a refund right away.  We do not offer any kind of refund if the problem is that a person does not like the flavor of the cheese.  For orders that require air shipping, we only refund and cannot ship out replacement product.


We ship to the contiguous 48 states.  We use 2 day shipping in the summer months and a maximum of 3 day shipping the rest of the year.  We use ground shipping wherever we can to reduce shipping costs.  We only pass along the UPS or FedEx rates, we do not add a surcharge.  The exception is on orders less than $35.  For these, we add a fee to cover the cost of shipping materials.